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America's Most Wanted

Today I had planned to use my lunch time to frog the cuff of a stocking I am working on. I had tried working the pattern from memory (mistake!) and ended up with too many increases. I figured I could frog it quickly and perhaps even begin it again with the correct number of increases before lunch time was over. I was so proud of myself this morning when I remembered to grab my stocking and knitting bag before leaving the house.

And then I noticed that the ball of yarn was not really with the stocking. I traced the tendril of thread from the stocking and found what used to be my ball of yarn. It was on the floor, under the coffee table. I....I cannot even describe the carnage that met my eyes when I found it. Rarely have I seen yarn so thoroughly mangled.

Who could have committed this heinous crime?? I immediately narrowed my focus down to two subjects: the husband and Piewacket (a cat). As the investigation continued, I found myself leaning more toward Piewacket because he has a history of violence against Yarnian-Americans, particularly those of Wool or Mixed-Wool ethnicity (the victim is of Wool-Acrylic descent). I'm pretty sure Pie will plead temporary insanity and get off lightly.

Anyway, no frogging occurred today, but I am happy to announce that the Yarnian has been completely untangled and rolled into a fresh ball. Later on he's planning to go to the salon and be professionally wound on a ball-winder, but he's stable for now. He was still all in one piece, no immediately apparent permanent damage was done and the Yarnian escaped actual ingestion. Good news for the defendant, who would not enjoy a trip to the vet being stacked on top of his regular sentence.
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