Stark Raving Sane (crazyfirestar) wrote in knitting_chat,
Stark Raving Sane

a silly question

What's the oddest comment/compliment you've ever gotten on your knitting?
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"It doesn't look handmade at all! It looks so even -looks like a machine did it!"

They meant it as a compliment.
Well, I suppose if we're going for even stitches... but still...
People usually comment on how big the needles are, not the actual knitting.
I wouldn't even know what to say to that.

Also, I love that ad.
That's so pretty! I could never do anything so tedious!
The oddest compliment I've gotten wasn't on my knitting per se, but on a pattern I was planning to knit and showed a friend. He said that it was sexy... not sure how a wide lace scarf pinned loosely around one's neck is sexy, but hey, he meant well.
My mom's cousin was talking to me about the musk ox and how he would like to have a hat made from that. I told him what fiber sells for and quoted a price for a hat. Shocked, he said, "Couldn't you just knit something smaller for me? Like a jock strap?"

My reply, "I am NOT knitting a jock strap for you--no matter how small it would be!"
I was knitting a ruffle scarf, and was working on it on break at work. "It looks like a turkey!"