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because we need to think ahead

I realized, just this weekend, that it is only four months until the holidays. Time to get the needles clicking.

Most of the projects I have in mind won't take too long - bulky wool socks for both Dad and step-father, hat and mittens for Mom (the Yvette Entrelac Beret and Mittens kit from Knit Picks in Earth), still unsure about my step-mother, although I'm leaning toward some heavy socks for her, as well. She and Dad have a farm, need to be out tending the animals, so warm feet would be welcome. A few other things - a scarf, mittens, pair of socks - for friends will round out the list. I also need to make a hat, mittens, and scarf for myself, not wanting to freeze this winter, and have three Christmas stockings to knit that I will be paid for.

Ordinarily, I probably wouldn't start until after Labor Day, at least, but joy of all joys, I have been informed that I am to report for Grand Jury Duty in October. That will likely cut into my knitting time, not to mention my writing time for NaNoWriMo (and if I get squeezed out on that, I'll be heartily ticked, but that's a rant for another community at another time). So, have any of you started with the holiday gifts? Or, if they aren't already on needles, have them planned out? What are you going to be making? And, if you're still enjoying these last days of August summer, my apologies for bringing thoughts of winter and the close of they year down on you. ;)
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Deleted comment

Next year, I really need to do that.
The worst part of the whole jury thing is that they don't let you bring your knitting.
I know, right? What are they thinking?
This depends a lot on the jurisdiction. Also sometimes on how you ask the question -- "I have bamboo knitting needles which are considerably less sharp than a dull pencil. Can I bring them in?" is more likely to get a positive response than, "Can I bring in knitting needles? But they're bamboo! They're less sharp than pencils!" in a jurisdiction that doesn't have a specific prohibition already in place.

Unless you've done it before in this jurisdiction and know the answer to be no, it's worth asking -- grand juries have a lot more sitting around waiting for stuff than regular jury duty, where they generally won't let you have them out in the courtroom even if you can get them in the courthouse, because appearing not to be paying attention (even though we all know a knitter is able to pay MORE attention) is a potential ground for appeal.
I started in February.
OK, definitely having to put that on my New Year's Resolution List. Sounds like it's the thing to do.
Right now it's planning and knitting time for my family's hats and scarves for the winter. My boys each get a new knit-to-fit hat (with or without ear flaps) and a scarf in colors they choose and

I'm trying to get my hubby and housemate on the bandwagon. GIven that I finally found a WoW Horde symbol pattern, I may have found a way to entice them . . . .
Ah, fandoms... gotta love 'em. ;D